へんなうごきサイファー / Flexible Motion Cipher / Nijyunikai

April 9, 2016 / Exhibition


A session of Flexible Motion Cipher, a special version of which is presented by Mai Endo + Yasuto Masumoto in “MOT Annual 2016: Loose Lips Save Ships,” will take place on-site. It will be presented by Nijyunikai, the inventor of the action.

Date: April 9 (Sat.), 13 to 18 pm
Venue: Atrium, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (within the exhibition “MOT Annual 2016: Loose Lips Save Ships”)
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required). You can enter or exit anytime. Your spontaneous participation is welcome.

*Cypher is a setting for freestyle rapping battles where rappers form a circle on the street and compete with each other with improvised lyrics. Developed by Nijyunikai, a theater unit formed by Mihoko Watanabe and Mai Endo, on the basis of this interactive form of creativity, Flexible Motion Cipher is a method to develop diverse bodily postures.

A theater unit formed by Mihoko Watanabe and Mai Endo. They create theater pieces that raise questions about the relations between director and actor, and stage and audience. Their projects include Flexible Motion Cipher (“Senju Flying Orchestra Ennichi,” Adachi Market, Tokyo), Cut Piece (“N.N.N.5,” ST Spot Yokohama, Kanagawa), Doubly Deceived (blanClass, Kanagawa) and Hit a Person in the Eyes (22:00 Gallery, Tokyo).


会場:MOTアニュアル2016「キセイノセイキ」展会場内アトリウム (東京都現代美術館)


渡辺美帆子と遠藤麻衣による演劇ユニット。劇場やオルタナティブ・スペースにおいて、演出家と俳優、あるいは鑑賞者との関係について問うような演劇作品の発表を行っています。主な発表は「へんなうごきサイファー」(千住フライングオーケストラ/足立市場,東京,2014)、”Cut Piece”(N.N.N.5/STスポット,神奈川,2014)、「二重にたぶらかす」(blanClass,神奈川,2014)、「目に殴られた」(22:00画廊/東京,2014)。